Covid-19 Scams and How to Avoid Them

Crises usually see a rise in scammers–people looking to take advantage of others’ fear and vulnerability. Keep reading to find out which scams are currently circulating and how to avoid them:

  1. GoFundMes and other charities have popped up asking for donations to a good cause.  Some of these are authentic but many are not.  Be sure to do your research and know where your money is going.
  2. Don’t fall for any group promising you the moon.  If someone claims they have an investment opportunity, promising tons of easy money on, stay away. Get-rich-quick schemes are rarely a reality.
  3. The government will not call you and ask you to verify information.  If you get a call from someone claiming they work for the government and need your personal information to process your stimulus assistance, do not give them your information.  If you get a call that asks for payment in order to receive aid or assistance–hang up!  You do not need to pay any fees to receive your government assistance.
  4. Lots of products have appeared to meet the desperate demand for a cure for COVID-19. At best, they have no official way to substantiate that claim and at worst, they could be very harmful.  There are no proven cures on the market.
  5. There have also been websites claiming to sell hand sanitizer and other protective equipment that disappear after they get your money.  Check the domain names and information, and be careful.

The most important thing to protect yourself from a scammer is hang up and stay away from them.  Vet any claims, be careful and don’t let anyone get the best of you.  When in doubt, hang up and put away your wallet.


Yours in Strength,
The Take Back Control Team

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