TBC Weekly Newsletter September 7, 2020

PPP Corruption


A new report alleges more than $1 billion in Paycheck Protection Program fraud.


Long Term Effects for Children Affected by COVID-19


Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), believed to be linked to COVID-19, damages the heart to such an extent that some children will need lifelong monitoring and interventions.


The Childcare Crisis


The Childcare industry is in crisis. An estimated 50% of daycares will go out of business without further financial help.


Rising Cases


Coronavirus is rising in 22 states, mostly in the Midwest and South.  Three weeks ago, only 3 states had rising case levels.


Unemployment Assistance No Longer Covers Cost of Living


Half of unemployed Americans couldn’t cover basic expenses with their unemployment money in August. 


August Job Numbers Disappoint 


The August July report falls short of expectations, signaling a slow recovery ahead.


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