Want to Deliver Something to a Friend? How to Minimize the Risk for Both of You

Many states, or parts of states, are reopening.  Although certain governments seem to be loosening their stay at home mandates, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out.  There are many people who may prefer to stay at home, or who need to such as those of us who are at higher risk and need to continue to quarantine. If you do go out, do not throw social distancing and disinfecting protocols aside along with caution. In this post, we’ll be talking about how to deliver something to acquaintances staying at home while continuing to follow safe practices.

  1. Make sure it is actually necessary.  If it’s not essential, think twice about going out to deliver it.
  2. Try to take a route or transportation method that minimizes your interactions with others. Wear a mask (and gloves if possible!) when going out and stay 6 feet away from anyone along your route.
  3. When you deliver your package, make sure it’s a contactless delivery.  Leave it by the front door.  If you have to go inside to drop it off, for example at the lobby of an apartment building, leave it at the front desk.
  4. Once your friend gets the package, they should throw out the packaging and wash their hands immediately for at least 20 seconds.

Make sure you keep track of the current mandates in your specific state and follow government and CDC guidelines.  Social distancing protocol still applies, even if you live in an area that has lifted stay-at-home mandates.


Yours in Strength,
The Take Back Control Team

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