White House COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Question: What steps does the White House take to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t come near the president?


  • Daily COVID-19 tests for the President and staff
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Regular deep cleaning
  • Social distancing protocol
  • Testing of all guests
  • Voluntary face coverings encouraged

What you can do at home:

What can you learn from this and how can you apply White House protocol to your home?  You probably can’t receive daily, or even regular, COVID-19 tests but if tests are free and available in your area, get tested and know your status and the status of those in your household.  Click here to find a testing location in your area.

Social distancing might not be possible, especially in apartments or smaller households but if you or anyone else you live with is exhibiting symptoms, do your best to self-isolate the sick individual if possible and disinfect common areas and frequently touched surfaces.

Daily temperature checks are possible! Get a thermometer and regularly check the temperature of all residents.  You can even check the temperature of guests before they enter your house if you’re socializing outside of your housemates. Be sure to disinfect the thermometer between uses or use separate thermometers.

Regular deep cleaning is a lot to ask of most people and you probably don’t have White House staff to come in and make everything spic and span.  But regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces with EPA approved products and keeping common areas clean is a must!  Click here to learn how to make your own EPA approved disinfectants.

It’s unlikely that people will wear masks inside (unless someone you live with has tested or is suspected to be COVID-19 positive) but you should absolutely wear face coverings if you are venturing outside or in crowds.  Remember to stay 6 feet back from other people whenever possible.

We hope you implement these measures and take the White House COVID-19 prevention protocol as a good example of what American households should be doing to protect themselves.

Yours in Strength,

The Take Back Control Team

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