This is a stressful time for anyone out of work, looking for work, and for those working essential frontline jobs. Below is information on filing for unemployment, links to job postings for those looking for work, and information for essential workers.



It is required by law that your workplace adhere to certain safety standards.  It is important to reference your state specific reopening guidelines for the industry you work in. Unfortunately, even if reported it is difficult to prove negligence when it comes to COVID-19 but it is still important to know your rights and options. Read more about what your options and state guidelines are here.

If your workplace is not providing PPE, click here to learn how to make your own.

If you are still working, you are entitled to basic rights and protections during this time. Below are some resources on keeping yourself safe and helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus while at work:

OSHA Fact Sheet: Protecting Workers during a Pandemic (PDF)


Employees have a right to apply for unemployment insurance benefits if they are laid off or fired or if they are partially unemployed (meaning if an employee’s hours or earnings have been reduced by more than one-third, they may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits).

Employees cannot be forced to use all of their earned sick time before applying for unemployment.

There is no waiting period for persons filing a claim for unemployment benefits where they have been separated from employment due to COVID-19.

When an employee is temporarily laid off, they have a right to be paid all of their earned wages, including all accrued vacation pay, on that same day.

Employers must pay employees on the day of discharge (shut down) or within 6-7 days of the end of a pay period.

Information for Wisconsin Employees Impacted by COVID-19