TBC Weekly Newsletter August 17, 2020

COVID Disinformation


Disinformation during a pandemic has deadly consequences.  The inundation and spread of false narratives has made it difficult to tell fact from fiction.  What is the end goal of disinformation and how can you spot it? Read the full article to find out.


Senate Breaks Without Relief Deal


The senate has gone on recess with no continuation of the eviction moratorium or unemployment expansion, leaving millions at risk of eviction and no way to provide for their families during the pandemic. A deal is unlikely to be reached before September.


The Deadliest Day of the Summer


On August 12th the US reported 1,485 COVID-19 deaths.  This is the highest number of daily deaths since May 15th.


How Small Businesses Got Stiffed


COVID-19 has been disproportionately hard on small businesses, especially those run by women and minorities. Between March1st through July 25th, 80,000 small businesses have permanently closed.  Government agencies that were supposed to aid small businesses have instead exacerbated the problem and banks are tightening lending standards.


White House Brings New Doctor onto the Coronavirus Task Force


The White House has recently added Dr. Scott Atlas to the coronavirus task force, a doctor more in-line with the current administration’s narrative on COVID-19. Dr. Scott Atlas has been decrying the “media hysteria” around the virus and encouraging natural herd immunity–something experts warn would result in the unnecessary deaths of vulnerable and higher risk Americans.


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