TBC Weekly Newsletter October 12, 2020

The Richest Americans Are Worth As Much As the 165 Million Poorest


US wealth data for the first half of 2020 shows the growing disparities by age, race and class in the US. The divide between rich and poor is growing.


A Study Out of Princeton Finds That Children Are Key Spreaders of COVID-19


A new study out of Princeton confirms what experts have been saying; while children are largely unaffected by the virus, they are still effective spreaders of COVID-19.


In the Spring, Trump Stopped Research On The Drug He Is Currently Taking


The drugs the President is using for his own treatment against COVID-19 was developed by a grant he revoked in April.


Evictions Continue Despite Moratorium


Loopholes in the national eviction moratorium mean people are still being evicted despite the order. The order puts the burden of pursuing its protection on the person being evicted–meaning that if they do not know about the moratorium, they can still be evicted.


Esteemed Medical Journal Urges Americans To Vote Out Trump


The New England Journal of Medicine has never before endorsed a candidate, but this year, they have come out to urge Americans to vote out Trump, saying that he and his administration “have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetant.”


The Second Presidential Debate Has Been Cancelled


Donald Trump refused to participate in the second presidential debate once it was announced that it would be virtual. The nonpartisan commission has officially canceled the debate and Joe Biden has scheduled a town hall with ABC News for that night.

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