TBC Weekly Newsletter October 19, 2020

Trump Refuses California’s Request For Fire Disaster Assistance


After $229 million in infrastructure damages caused by devastating wildfires, the Trump administration has rejected California’s request for a disaster declaration. 


The US Has The Highest COVID-19 Death Rate In The Developed World


A new study shows that the United States has the highest mortality rate for COVID-19 among developed countries. More than 100K less Americans would have died if our mortality rate was comparable to that of the Netherlands. 


The Mental Health Toll Of The Pandemic


Chronic stress caused by the pandemic is starting to manifest itself in tangible symptoms such as headaches, hair loss and stomach aches. 


75,000 More People Died From COVID Than Reported In The Spring And Summer


A new study found that the already jarring death count of 220K is underreported. The study found that roughly 75K more Americans died from COVID-19 during last spring and summer. 


California GOP Admits To Planting Fake Ballot Boxes


The California GOP has planted fake drop boxes across the state to attempt to illegally harvest ballots. After the Secretary of State issued a cease and desist to the California GOP, they’re still refusing to remove the boxes.


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