TBC Weekly Newsletter September 14th, 2020

Devos Reroutes Funds to Private Schools


Amidst a global pandemic when public schools need the funding most, DeVos tried to reroute funds to private schools, but was ultimately shut down.


Permanent Job Loss Signals Slow Recovery


Despite declining unemployment rates, permanent job losses signal a slow economic recovery to come.


Congress Still In Stalemate


With congress still in a stalemate over a second stimulus, consumer confidence decreases amongst the lowest earners, which may have possible implications for the economy as a whole.


Colleges Send Home Students, Facilitating Spread of COVID-19


As colleges across the country close students are being sent back home, further facilitating the spread. 


Astrazeneca Resumes COVID-19 Vaccine Trial 


A vaccine trial resumes after a participant had a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder.


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