TBC Weekly Newsletter September 21, 2020

CDC Walks Back Updated Testing Guidelines


The CDC has walked back controversial testing guidelines that were revealed to not have been written by the agency. 


The White House Blocked Initiative to Provide Americans With Masks


The White House blocked the USPS from distributing 5 reusable face masks to every US household in April. The White House blocked the plan due to concern that it would cause a panic.


Caputo Takes A Leave of Absence


Michael Caputo has taken a medical leave of absence from his post as top HHS spokesperson after accusing CDC scientists of sedition and going on a rant on Facebook. Caputo garnered widespread attention due to his significant ties to the Kremlin and his pressure campaign against the CDC.


Bar Tells Prosecutors to Prosecute Protesters with Sedition


Attorney General William Bar told federal prosecutors to charge certain protestors aggressively, including going so far as to prosecute them for plotting to overthrow the US government.


Mass Hysterectomies At ICE Detention Center


A whistleblower has brought national attention to an ICE detention center in Georgia where immigrant women received questionable hysterectomies. 


North Carolina Voters Receive Ballot Request Forms with Trump’s Face


North Carolina voters received mail-in ballots request forms with Trump’s face and the words “ARE YOU GOING TO LET THE DEMOCRATS SILENCE YOU?”


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