Back To School Update

We’ve only just begun August and already schools that have elected to reopen for in-person classes are reporting COVID-19 cases. 


In the Gwinnett County Public School system in Georgia, 260 employees either tested positive for COVID-19 or are quarantined due to exposure.  Corinth Highschool in Mississippi is reporting 5 confirmed cases and requiring children and staff exposed to quarantine for 14 days. In Greenfield, Indiana a school reported a case on their first day of reopening and Elmwood Community School, also in Indiana, was forced to move students in 7th-12th grade online learning for at least a week after several staff members tested positive.  


Most of the public messaging surrounding COVID-19 has warned against super spreader events, cautioning people against poorly ventilated indoor settings and crowds–so, schools essentially. 


Trump’s push to send kids back to school is a desperate attempt for normalcy and parents ability to refocus on their jobs and subsequently, restart the economy.  But there is no quick fix to the economy.  And sending kids back to school while the outbreak continues unabated not only endangers the children, but the parents who are then exposed.


Meanwhile, Governor’s are overriding local school boards and taking matters into their own hands.  In Maryland,  Gov. Larry Hogan overruled Montgomery County’s decision to make private schools go virtual until October.  In Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds overrode local school districts and is requiring students to spend half of their schooling in person.  In South Carolina and Florida, the governors are pushing for in person classes.


Teachers in fear for their lives are making wills and finalizing end of life directives.  The American Federation of Teachers says it will back any local chapters that decide to strike.  


It’s clear that the risk to our youth and the adults in charge of their care are being put in high risk situations without adequate protections.  The question is not if people will die, but how many will die needlessly and how badly this will add flame to the already overwhelming spread of COVID-19.


Yours in Strength,

The Take Back Control Team


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