The USPS is in dire straits as we near a contentious election this November that will require vote-by-mail in order to be safe during a pandemic.  Trump and his administration have been systematically attacking both vote-by-mail and the USPS.


USPS has been targeted long before this by the GOP.  In 2005, Congress passed a measure requiring USPS to pre-fund retirement benefits 75 years in the future–an unnecessary and unprecedented amendment that has severely damaged the essential service. Now, as COVID-19 ravages the agency, Trump has appointed a Republican fundraiser and campaign donor, Louis DeJo as the new postmaster general.  Subsequently, USPS has continued to fall apart, with hours being cut nationally and announcements of considering office closures.


Trump’s repeated claims of voter fraud and vote-by-mail have been repeatedly debunked. Vote-by-mail is an efficient and safe way to hold elections–many states already do so successfully and without voter fraud.


And there are many other reasons to keep the USPS fully functional.  It is a large employer of veterans. It is a lifeline to many rural and native communities that other mail carriers don’t reach, as well as those with disabilities and who need life saving resources delivered at an affordable cost. If USPS breaks down, it is rural areas that will suffer disproportionately, although the rise in the cost of sending mail without USPS will affect us all.


“The post office may be mandated by the United States Constitution, as clearly as freedom of religion or the right to bear arms, but it does not fit with modern Republican dogma and, therefore, has been targeted for extinction,” says David Horsey, writing for the Los Angeles Times.


The safety of our democracy, small businesses, rural areas and those who rely on affordable deliveries of supplies are all depending on the continued existence of the USPS and it is our duty as Americans to save this public service guaranteed by the Constitution.


Yours in Strength,

The Take Back Control Team


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