TBC Weekly Newsletter August 31, 2020

*DISINFORMATION ALERT: Early yesterday morning, President Trump retweeted a post from a QAnon-related twitter account that took CDC data out of context to make a false claim regarding the COVID-19 death toll.


Here is what the data really means. As of August 22:

  • 9,210 Americans who had no exacerbating or underlying conditions died of COVID-19.
  • 152,182 people with underlying conditions died BECAUSE THEY CONTRACTED COVID-19. 

From the beginning of this pandemic it has been well understood that people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, asthma, auto-immune diseases, and more are at greater risk of contracting and dying form COVID-19 than young, healthy people. When a person with one of these conditions contracts COVID-19 and dies from COVID-19 complications, claiming they did not die from COVID-19 is not only false and dangerous, it is disrespectful to the loved ones of those who have died.   



FDA Commissioner Willing to Prematurely Approve COVID-19 Vaccine


The FDA commissioner says he is willing to approve a vaccine before Phase Three clinical trials are complete.


A Double Dip Recession


Economists see at least 25% chance of double-dip recession and many don’t expect the GDP to rebound until at least 2022.


Consumer Confidence Increase Despite Stalemate Over Second Stimulus


All though many jobs losses during the pandemic have become permanent and congress remains in a stalemate over a second stimulus, consumer confidence increases across the country.


Economic Recovery Hampered by Powerhouse States Struggling


US economic recovery is hampered by powerhouse states struggling. States like New York have successfully flattened the curve but struggle with an above average unemployment rate. These 4 states account for 35% of the economic output in the country.


Hong Kong Reports First Official COVID-19 Reinfection


Hong Kong has confirmed the first case in which a man previously infected with COVID-19 recovered, then was re-infected a few months later.


Nevada Reports First Confirmed Case in the US of COVID-19 Reinfection


A Nevada man is the first person in the US confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 twice. He tested positive in mid April, tested negative in May, and then became sick and tested positive again at the beginning of June.


Midwestern States Set To Become New Hotspots


As national numbers decline, midwestern states have a record high number of cases, creating emerging hot spots. 


Surge of Infections in Reopened College Campuses


Colleges that have reopened campuses for in-person classes are experiencing a surge of infections. Iowa, Utah, North Carolina, and Alabama have all experienced major campus outbreaks and many college towns have either passed mask ordinances, shut down bars, or placed limits on crowd sizes at events.



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