TBC Weekly Newsletter October 5, 2020

Infected Trump Greets Supporters In Motorcade Outside Hospital


President Trump, still infected with the Coronavirus, did a drive by to greet his supporters outside of Walter Reed hospital, putting his secret service inside of the vehicle at risk.


President Trump Being Treated With The Steroid Dexamethasone


President Trump received a steroid, dexamethasone, to help treat his Coronavirus infection. The drug has been proven to help outcomes in severely ill patients but has shown no benefits for less ill patients.


The Updated HEROES Act–What We Know


The new Coronavirus relief bill includes $2.2 trillion in stimulus, including a ban on evictions and foreclosures that will last 12 months. This is a stronger measure than any of the previously enacted eviction moratoriums.


Republican Operatives Are Being Charged In A Voter Suppression Scheme


Two Republican operatives are being charged with felonies for running a robocall campaign aimed to dissuade minority urban voters from voting in the upcoming election. They are facing a maximum of 24 years in prison.


Latest Jobs Report Set To Show Slowing Recovery


The September jobs report saw the slowest recovery yet, signaling a long term stall of economic growth. Unemployment only fell by .2% compared to 1.8% the previous month.


19,000 of Amazon’s Employees Have Caught COVID-19


19,000 of Amazon’s employees have had or presumably had COVID-19. Employees are screened regularly to prevent large outbreaks.

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