TBC Weekly Newsletter September 28, 2020

Pentagon Used Money Allocated For COVID-19 On Jet Engine Parts And Body Armor


The pentagon used $1 billion meant to ramp up medical supplies for the Coronavirus for defense contracts to build jet engine parts, body armor and dress uniforms. 


Midwest States Have Alarming COVID-19 Numbers and Positivity Rates


States across the Midwest are seeing COVID-19 spikes with some states’ positivity test rates surpassing 25%. WHO considers anything above a 5% positivity rate to indicate serious community spread.


The CDC Deleted COVID-19 Guidance Based on Aerosol Transmission


The CDC suddenly deleted guidance saying that the coronavirus could be transmitted via aerosols, signaling possible capitulation to the White House. 


What We Know Now About How COVID-19 Spreads


At the beginning of the pandemic it was believed that surface transmission was a bigger driver of infection, now months into the pandemic the science shows the most likely way to get infected with COVID-19 are close range particles.


The United States Surpasses 200k Death Toll


200K Americans have lost their lives to the Coronavirus, marking a grim milestone for Americans.


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